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Toy Teacup Piglets  & Micro Mini Piglets are Now Available!

 Toy Teacup Pigs are very small pigs that are the result of selectively breeding the Vietnamese Potbelly Pig to keep the desired characteristics such as size, temperament and health. When mature, a Toy Teacup Pig will be between 20-30 lbs. and under a foot tall, with proper care and feeding. Because of their small size, intelligence, friendly dispositions and great personalities Toy Teacup Pigs are the perfect pig for a house pet.


 Micro Mini Potbelly Pigs come to us as a result of selectively breeding a variety of pigs, included the Vietnamese Potbelly Pig. With their seemingly endless array of colors, spots and stripes, the Micro Mini Pig is hard to resist. They mature to 30-45 lbs and 13-14" tall, hoof to shoulder, with proper care and feeding and also make wonderful house pets, sharing mild temperaments, socialability, & intelligence with their cousin, the Toy Teacup Pig.


Both Micro Mini Pigs and Toy Teacup Pigs make excellent house pets and devoted companions. My piglets are raised to be inside pets. Piglets that will be shipped are potty trained and in-home socialized prior to leaving home. We know you are going to love these amazing little pigs as much as we do! As always, we strive to make your miniature pig ownership journey a worry-free experience. 

*Please check with your zoning authority where you live to make sure you are allowed to own a piglet.


Call 850.348.9928 or Click this link to send an email: mailto:bddunham@littlepigs.mysite.com


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